What Can The IT Ninjas Managed Helpdesk Help Me With?


What do the Ninjas Actually do?

Ever wonder what kind of support you can get with the IT Ninjas Managed Helpdesk Team?

Then look no further!

As an IT Ninjas customer, you have access to 24/7 support via chat, phone, and email. We proudly provide 100% North American IT support that’s fast, friendly, and ready to help.

But what exactly can they help me with? We thought you’d never ask 😁

Tiered Services

Most managed helpdesk support falls into two classes, Tier I and Tier II. There is a Tier III, but those services are for more complex issues. For now, let’s focus on Tier I and II.

Tier I and II cover many of the routine functions and general troubleshooting that you may needs. Let’s take a look at Tier I.

Tier I

Below is a list of issues that are covered by Tier I support.

  • Windows general help and “how-to” support
  • Mac OSX general help and “how-to” support
  • Google apps and web apps help
  • Internet connectivity troubleshooting
  • Restore connectivity to network devices and servers
  • Backup file restore
  • PC/Mac productivity application installation and usage help
  • Tablets, mobile devices general support
  • Error message troubleshooting (OS or application)
  • Suspected virus detection/virus removal
  • Slow computer troubleshooting
  • Email client troubleshooting
  • Email client configuration
  • Local printer/scanner usage help
  • Web browser help
  • Network Interface Card help
  • Restart server-side services
  • Password resets and service resets

Tier II

Now Tier II includes several routine functions you would expect from an IT Administrator.

  • Email system (i.e. Microsoft 365, Google Workspace) support
    • Adding or disabling users
    • Troubleshooting access errors
    • Adding or removing users from groups
    • Creating distribution lists, groups, and shared mailboxes
  • Support for network printers and scanners
  • Adding, Enabling, or Disabling user accounts in managed systems
  • Resolve remote access issues including VPN

How Can IT Ninjas Help With Managed Helpdesk Services?

Working with IT Service Companies has a ton of benefits. Please note that this is a very general list. Don’t see an issue you’re having listed? No worries! Go ahead and contact IT support anyways. Our Ninjas will make sure that your request gets escalated to someone who can resolve your issue. We hope to hear from you soon!

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