Hassle-free IT
and Cybersecurity.

Take your business to the next level with responsive and effective Managed IT.

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Managed IT that keeps you Moving.

Look, we get it. Your office team needs fast, secure computers. The phones can NEVER go down. Your line-of-business applications must be accessible 24/7 from anywhere. And no one has time to fuss with that busted printer.

If this sounds familiar, we exist for you. IT Ninjas was designed to be silently proactive and keep your technology running smoothly. You should never have to call us, but we’re ultra-responsive when you do. 30 seconds to get to a live chat Ninja. 90 seconds to get a Ninja on the phone. No more sending an email to IT and hoping they respond within the day.

Rick Olesek

“I created a ticket and left for lunch. I wasn’t out of the parking lot before I got a phone call. It was literally fixed before I left the parking lot. You guys are super responsive.”

Ike Sherlock


Air Van Inc.

Managed IT Services

Enterprise-class Managed IT Services and Support. We provide 24×7 IT support 100% based in North America. We’ll be there when you need us.


We proactively protect your business and customer data, identify and respond to cyberattacks on devices, and educate your team to avoid phishing and other common threats.

Backup and Recovery

Protect and preserve critical business data. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is safe and accessible.

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Our IT and Cybersecurity solutions are designed to be hassle-free. Our promise is simple. We’ll keep you running so you can focus on moving business forward.

A Flexible IT Company.

Every business is unique, and so are their IT needs. We proudly serve the unique needs of businesses. Our local Jacksonville Managed IT Service team fit every business like a glove, from getting IT Support off of your office manager’s plate to stretching your in-house IT team’s capabilities and budget.

When did “IT” get added to your job description?

Managed IT services are a great way to keep your company running smoothly without having to worry about the details of technology. By outsourcing your IT needs to an expert team, you can free up time to focus on growing your business. At IT Ninjas, we take the burden of IT away from business leaders so they can focus on taking their business to the next level.

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Is your IT company the source of your headache?

Hidden costs, lack of transparency, getting “tech-talked”, confusing invoices. Traditional managed service providers can be a headache. IT Ninjas provide modern IT solutions that were designed to be hassle-free. From flat-rate pricing to chat-based support, our values are centered around clarity and communication so your team can stay focused, capitalize on momentum, and remain productive.

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Is your In-House IT team coming up a bit short?

Are all of your team’s IT needs, like network management and rapid employee on/offboarding, met? IT Ninjas Managed IT services fills the gaps in your IT infrastructure, allowing you to shift your focus to strategic IT initiatives like disaster recovery and business continuity, employee education, and refining your in-house IT systems to maximize your investments.

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Managed IT That Makes an Impact.

Managed IT services are an excellent way to keep your technology running smoothly without having to worry about hardware maintenance, software updates, and other technical problems that could slow down your business.

If you need help managing your technology needs, we can provide you with a comprehensive solution that includes everything from support and cybersecurity to backup solutions.

World-class Technology

We’ve developed partnerships with Microsoft, Google, and other industry leaders to deliver the best technology at accessible prices.

The Best Managed IT In Town.

IT Ninjas was formed around the idea that everyone should have access to game-changing technology, not just those with a massive IT budget. We serve small businesses and nonprofits because we know how important they are to our local communities. Our team is ready to work closely with you to understand your needs and find solutions that fit your budget.